Thursday, August 18, 2011

*drum roll please*


Scarlett Adele!

After I cleaned that Monday, I noticed my contractions were getting stronger.  So I cleaned my car, made dinner, made sure all my bags were packed, watched some Craig Ferguson and drove myself to the hospital.

Got there around 2am.  I had texted my friend Kayla earlier, and around 230 she got back to me and told me she had the next day off, and then I told her where I was.  She offered to come hang out with me, and I am still incredibly grateful.  We watched tv, listened to music, wandered the halls, and shot the shit.

At one point, my nurses wanted to send me home because they didn't think I was progressing all that fast, so to try to move it along, I took a soak in the jacuzzi tub.  For the record, as I soaked my way through a few contractions, I wrote a mental letter to Santa, begging for one of these to call my own.

After my soak, they checked me again, did their best to, uh...stretch the area a bit, and the next thing I knew, it was 7am and my doc was there, repeating the process.  She asked if I was against breaking my water like I was against meds, and I told her to go for it, but I had to call my husband first.  Called Hubby and asked him to please get Dante ready since they were going to break my water, and he agreed to put some spring in his step.

The instrument that resembled a knitting hook was brandished, and then my Little Miss told me she was DONE.  Seconds after the proverbial floods appeared, and that was IT.  At first I yelled that I was a pansy and that was it.  I am fairly certain I called myself a panty waisted bitch and a weakling.  I may have actually lifted myself from the bed by the strength in my arms alone.

I declared at the top of my lungs that THIS WAS IT, NO F-ING KIDDING and my room became a whirlwind.  I had asked for the mirror so I could see what was going on, but by the time that poor nurse set it up, they were placing this gorgeous string bean on my chest.  I think I had two "bad" pushes and 3 that actually worked.  That was it.  My perfect little sweetheart was born at 744am on July 26th, and was 7lb., 12.3 oz and 20 1/2 inches long.  So at 745, I called Hubby and told him to take his sweet time.  He and Dante missed the excitement.

I was really lucky that Kayla was there.  She took pictures, helped keep my head straight, and totally cheered me on when I thought I wasn't going to be able to do it.  I love that I have such awesome friends!

I actually felt pretty awesome when it was over.  I was so very proud of myself.  Yes, I cried like a sissy and had two terrible pushes that didn't do a damn thing but piss off both me and Scarlett, but that's ok.  I still think it's funny that she didn't get the common "cone-head" look because she wanted out so bad!  LOL!

When Hubby and Dante got there, Dante was so excited to see that his new little sister got him an Elmo backpack.  He was not really interested in the baby, but was a little confused as to why I wasn't at home with him.  I will swear until I take my last breath that Dante grew a couple inches and gained a couple pounds during my short stint at the hospital, though.

Hubby and Dante spent some time at the hospital, but for the most part, they left me alone so I could try to get my bearings.  I really appreciated that.  Only a handful of friends came to visit, and for that I am grateful, too.  I really wanted to be left alone so I could just stare at her.  And attempt to feed her.  And wrap my brain around where I am now.  There were people when I needed them and for the most part, I was left to my own devices.  I only really saw the nurses when I needed meds, and I saw the kind folks from room service a few times.  I had a nurse take Scarlett to the nursery while I showered, and at one point, I got tea service, which I thought was nice.

Now, about her name.  When I left home to drive myself to the hospital, Hubby found the name Indigo and totally had his heart set on it.  I gave up and agreed, then left.  Not just Indigo, but INDIGO MOON.  I thought it was waaaaaaaay too hippy dippy for my taste, but I thought maybe I'd meet her and like it.

I didn't.  And then when I told my Gramma, she yelled at me.  Not just a raised voice, which I have heard from her a few times in my 32 years, but a yell like I was about to hit her with my car.  I had never heard that tone of voice, in that volume, escape my grandmother's lips.  And I agreed.

So I voiced my concerns with that name to Hubby, and after some thought, we liked Scarlett.  It fit, since she had these precious red pigment marks on her eyelids.  The nurse in the nursery called them "angel kisses."  And to top it off, every time she fussed, she turned this gorgeous scarlet color.  Adele we agreed upon after an intense search for a name that works with our last name, sounded good with her first name, and had a meaning I could stand behind.  I thought about it, and looked for names that mean "noble" for two reasons.  1) Dante's middle name, Xipil, means "noble, of fire" and 2) If there was ever a trait that sums up my best friend that passed away with one succinct word, it's Noble.  Adele means "noble."

So I filled out the birth certificate form, and as soon as I handed it to a nurse, I realized there are two celebrities that bear those names:  Scarlett Johanssen, the stunningly gorgeous actress, and Adele, the singer that has a voice like buttah.

Screw it.  Both women are incredibly beautiful and talented.  =P

Wednesday afternoon, the doc that was on call since mine had the day off told me that I could leave that day if I so chose.  Thinking about how much I really didn't like being waited on, and how angry the lactation consultants made me, and my desire to be home with my family, I hopped at the chance.  But since I drove myself to the hospital, I wanted to drive home.  They did a quick check, found that I hadn't had a percocet in hours, watched me walk, and let me go.  I just had to have a CNA escort me to my car.  No biggie.  I was just thrilled to be going home with my new little girl.

We spent a few days with my mom and step dad while they were in town, and Dante had a lot of fun getting to spend time with them!  I had a rough first few days getting used to changing such tiny diapers, putting tiny clothes on a tiny little girl, but we're hitting our groove.  We don't do a whole lot anymore, but I love where we are now.  I love my kids so much, it almost scares me if I let it.  I really had no idea how much I could love two kids.  And I have two gorgeous, precious kiddos!

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