Saturday, August 27, 2011

Looking Ahead

So...Dante, Scarlett and I fly into ABQ on Tuesday October 25.  Not sure exactly how we're getting to LC, but I'll bet dollars to donuts that my mom will take the day off from work to go get us.  Here is a tentative schedule.  Some things are set in stone (Trick or Treating, Ren Faire and the LCHS/MHS football game) but most days will be pretty open and laid back.

Oct 26:  I'm thinking coffee at ID.  Who's in?
Oct 27:  Pizza?
Oct 28:  I will be in EP helping my MIL get ready for Scarlett's Welcome Party that night, and at some point near the end of that party, heading to Lindy's party for an appearance and some HUGS!
Oct 29:  LC Farmers and Crafts market in the AM to help out my mom and get some shopping done, then we're going to an F9 Reunion/Halloween party!  Whoot!  May or may not go to EP after that.  We'll see if I am up for the drive.
Oct 30:  Help mom and dad at the other market they do, evening's open.
Oct 31:  Most of the day will be spent with my Other Mom, Brenda.  No ands ifs or buts.  Important day.  But the evening I'm hoping to go trick or treating with Yvonne, Jennifer and Mari.  Let's find a well lit neighborhood, shall we?
Nov 1:  Open (but if someone wants to watch the kids so I can play bingo with my Gramma, let me know!)
Nov 2:  Open, except I get to go to Zumba with Jesusito @715p-815p
Nov 3:  I think we're having dinner this night with Emilia?  I could be wrong.  I'm a little slow.
Nov 4:  We'll be cheering for the BULLDAWGS at the Field of Dreams.  It'll be Dante's first football game, and I'm hoping he makes it to halftime so he can see the bands.  Game starts at 7, but we'll be there early to get decent seats.  And later this night is PETER MURPHY.  Priorities, people.
Nov 5:  REN FAIRE!!!!!  Yay!  I'm thinking we're going as gypsies or pirates.  I'm leaning towards gypsies to highlight the plight of the Romani people, but I know the politics will be lost on most people.  We may go to EP this night, I'll keep y'all posted.
Nov 6:  More Ren Faire and some coffee with the friends that are in town for the aforementioned Faire.  Traditions are hard to kill.
Nov 7:  Packing, and a trip to the post office to send myself stuff.
Nov 8:  Head to ABQ.
Nov 9:  Flight at 8 something in the blessed morning.  Ugh.

Still mostly tentative.  I hate being rushed, and that goes double on vacation.



  1. Love the idea about my people. Can't wait to see you.

  2. We can do it as a group! I am SO looking forward to seeing you...if you wind up doing a bollywood class on one of those "open" days, I'll be there with bells on!