Thursday, February 2, 2012

Long time, no blog....

I have been meaning to blog since Dante's first dentist appointment on January 9th.  But, life being what it is, I am carving out the time now to write about it.

He was awesome at the dentist!  He didn't complain, listened, and was hilarious and charming.  He actually didn't freak out until I didn't let him play with the credit card machine as we were leaving.  Yup...that's my boy!

Since then, I have had to deal with idiots at our now former pediatrician's office, I got Dante's application in for preschool, and Scarlett had her 6 month check up!!

Scarlett's check up with our new doc was amazing!  Dr. S. took a good long while measuring where Scarlett is and let me know where she should be (there is, unfortunately, some discrepancy, but I'm working on it.) and answered a million questions.  But it seems that she is supposed to be able to sit independently, and she can't.  Even when I put her in the walker, she leans and then subsequently screams.  And because she can't sit independently, her head is still flat in a spot and it's shifting her ears.  Doc also told me to feed her less formula and get her eating 3 solid meals a day.  I also get to feed her whole milk yogurt already, and meats.  Got some sleeping advice (not sure how to follow through without leaving my husband stuck listening to a screaming baby for a few nights...) and she was incredibly nice about Dante running amok in her office.  So yesterday, I got to put Scarlett in the seat in the cart while shopping and the seat belt helped keep her up.  It was exciting!  I just wish I had been smart enough to take pictures!  GAH!  And she also got to try chicken and apples (spit! spit!) and mashed potatoes (<3) and I made her sit in the walker while I alternated between loading the dishwasher and making her giggle.  Dante really seems to enjoy making her laugh, which is easy for him.  She looks at him (and their dad) like they hung the moon.  I'd like to get that look from her, but I know these two guys will always be her main men!  =D

When I took Dante to turn in his School Choice paperwork at our 1st choice Elementary school, he was so excited!  I thought his head was going to explode!  He ran in circles near the receptionist desk, and she was kind enough to let us go peek in on the 3 and 4 year olds.  He wanted so bad to join them, but instead, he listened to the kids that were doing projects in the hall.  These cute girls we passed were making chains of bead to count to 1000, and others were working on sight words.  But the look on Dante's face told me I was making a fantastic choice to put him in school in general.

Dante amazes me.  Last night (this is the event that inspired me to write right now...), we put him in his crib for a time out (long story, but he earned it 10 times over!) and I sat down.  I'm checking facebook, when out of nowhere, I have Dante's nose in my face.  I look at Hubby, who looks as flabbergasted as I am, and I take him back and put him where he was.  We stood near the open door and watched as he threw one leg, then the other over the side of his crib.  I'm not sure how we are going to deal with this, but we're creative....

And now Scarlett is up and hungry.  Peaches and oatmeal for breakfast!  Yay!

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